Our mission is to provide innovative solutions using the latest technology in the geospatial field to our partners.


We believe that in this age, where data is available at your fingertips at anytime and anywhere, spatial data can provide a new, better, and most effective way to understand the world around us. With this in mind we strive to promote, innovate, and educate people around us on geospatial solutions.


Our goal is to ensure our partners have a cost effective solution that meets their needs and goes above and beyond the quality expected.


Online GIS Portals

Display your geospatial data on an online GIS portal and make it available to the public or within your enterprise. From public safety, traffic cameras monitoring, disasters, asset management, etc.

UAV Aerial Imagery

A vast range of solutions using drones to capture aerial imagery, from construction, structural inspection, agriculture, planning, and mapping applications

Asset Management

Use geospatial tools to track and manage your assets such as vehicles, city assets, utilities, inventory, etc.



  • Structural Inspection
    Utilizing drone technology, we can provide you with an accurate, effective, and affordable tool for structural inspections
    Structural Inspection
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
    Mapping, data analysis and data processing services
    Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Aerial Imagery
    Most advanced technology for aerial imagery collection
    Aerial Imagery
  • Digital Terrain Models
    We can generate DTMs using drone technology.
    Digital Terrain Models
  • Crop Health/Inspection
    Keep your crop healthy using the latest technology in drone and aerial imagery manipulation
    Crop Health/Inspection
  • Construction
    Track changes at your job site and stay up to date on your schedule progress.

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